A Richmond for All of us

“ My campaign is free of corporate donations, because I know corporations aren’t people.  I believe in government by the people and for the people.  If elected, I will represent all the people of Richmond.” 


I strongly support Rent Control and Just Cause to stabilize our neighborhoods and keep working families from being displaced in the face of gentrification. I’ll boost the development of affordable housing, especially near public transportation to breathe life into the community and create thriving, walkable neighborhoods. 

Great Jobs & economic development

I’ll foster the kind of smart economic development
that can bring  good jobs to Richmond by leveraging my
professional relationships in green energy, tech and the emerging cannabis economy on behalf of the city.  I’ll bring Richmond the kind of businesses that feed the local economy instead of squeezing money out of it. I’ll support workforce training that will enable Richmond workers to land good jobs with good wages so they can take care of their families with hope and dignity.

A Healthy City for all

I’ll fight to expand access to healthcare in our community, because I believe it not a luxury or privilege, but a RIGHT. I’ll fight to bring a full-service hospital to West County -- it is a travesty that Richmond residents have to be taken to Walnut Creek or Martinez when they need urgent care; we need a local hospital. . .period!



Safe Streets

Our police force is unequaled and I will push to continually improve upon this model of community policing by supporting our officers and the Citizen’s Police Review Commission -- exemplary service and transparency from the best police force in the nation.  I’ll support the work of the Office of Neighborhood Safety in addressing the root causes of violent crime.  I support our formerly incarcerated residents as they face the difficult challenges of coming home. I pledge to combat the stigma that prevents them from building useful and fulfilling lives. 


environmental protections

My life’s calling is to advocate for alternative energy and that’s one of the reasons I love Richmond, we are building a green economy that leads the way in fighting climate change.  I’ll work to protect our air, water, and land from harmful emissions by working with regulators and organizations to monitor and remediate; our health and our very futures are at risk when corporations are only concerned about their bottom line, so let’s hold them accountable