Thank you Richmond voters!

Ben, along with Melvin Willis and Jael Myrick were elected to City Council on November 8th, 2016. If you were a supporter, we greatly appreciate your support! 



I grew up in a working-class area of Los Angeles where I helped my immigrant parents run a corner store. We served all the people of our neighborhood -- rich and poor and in between.  But as the sole Korean-American family in a predominantly Latino and Anglo neighborhood, there was no question of trying to blend in. Instead, I came to truly value diversity -- of race, of economics, and of voice, and I had a chance to hear about life from many different perspectives. 

Often there were differences of opinion. I thought then that if everyone listened and had a real conversation, we could come together through the values we share. I still believe that today. 

I will lead Richmond based on this idea -- having the tough conversations is what matters as we look to define our future.